Company Overview

About Ceres New Zealand

Ceres Group is an international group of related companies under common ownership. Since inception in 1976, we have grown to become a network of companies with a global footprint with a net value of more than $185M. Over the past 40 years, Ceres Global has developed significant skills in waste processing and management.

Ceres New Zealand LLC (Ceres NZ) was established in early 2011, with the objective of providing services the existing New Zealand market did not offer. Although the catastrophic earthquakes of 2011 gave the company a platform on which to set its foundations, the New Zealand entity of Ceres was a calculated venture into a new market that began in the autumn of 2010. Today, Ceres NZ is focused on providing the highest standard of quality services in deconstruction, demolition, concrete cutting, environmental remediation, material recycling, and disaster response, to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.


Ceres NZ has four company sites, based in two regions:
– Christchurch – Head office, South Island Yard
– Wellington – Support office, North Island Yard

  • Head office is located in Christchurch where Ceres NZ started its operation in 2011. This is staffed by eight full-time administrative employees and operational staff. Our head office is where the leadership team manages the business and operational activities.
  • South Island Yard is also located in Christchurch. This is where our heavy demolition machines are stored and maintained. From this location,  we can effectively mobilize heavy machinery to any other city in the South Island.
  • North Island Yard is located in Wellington. Ceres entered the Wellington market in 2016 and has been operating there since.
  • Equipment Storage Yard is also located in Wellington. This is where 50% of our demolition fleet is stored. Heavy machinery is mobilised from our Wellington yard for projects across the North Island.
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Areas & Expertise

Ceres NZ has completed a high volume of demolition work in the New Zealand market over the past decade. Given the number of demolition projects we have undertaken, the range of structure types and sizes involved, we have built up the resources which this extent and specialism of work demands.

This includes a highly skilled and experienced team, a $6M fleet of own specialised equipment, and the backing of the knowledge and experience of the wider Ceres’ team operating in the US.

Key to our approach is the transfer of lessons learned, expertise and technology from one project to the next, to benefit client and stakeholder outcomes. This will mean the capability we bring to the new projects will be reflective of the experience and best practice our team has gained across hundreds of site clearance and demolition projects. Backed by Ceres NZ’s extensive resources, management systems, and project leadership, we will field a team that has the right equipment and the right experience and competencies.

Capability & Capacity

Managing staff requirements is key to the delivery of each stage of a project. We have nationwide connections enabling us to fulfill additional skilled staffing requirements. We recruit locally, and we provide a pathway to upskill within industries including demolition, hazardous materials removal, heavy equipment operations, and carpentry work.

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